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This is a site that is dedicated to bringing fans of Horror, Sci Fi, and Dark Fantasy all the best and latest information in those genres, as well as to promote ALL things…creative.

We welcome any authors, actors/actresses, musicians, artists, and  directors/producers in the field to let us know what newest projects they would like to promote on our site.  Please email me if I can be of service to you in this way.  It is a small publication but I am working hard to promote the genres and works of all the creative minds that keep them alive, as best as I possibly can. I would like to thank Samara James for their contribution towards our server hosting costs which is always a significance expense and for which we are very appreciative. I look forward to bringing you the best interviews and latest news possible. Comments are always welcome.

Unless otherwise noted all interviews are by me.  If you do enjoy what you see and would like to contribute with a donation, it would be greatly appreciated, though never expected…

or if you’d prefer other methods please send to:

John Smith
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