Author Jack Ketchum

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Most readers who are familiar with his work, are likely well aware of a piece in Entertainment Weekly released during the time George W. Bush was still in office in which Stephen King, when asked who was the scariest man in America, was quoted as saying, “probably Jack  Ketchum”. No small praise, though well earned, it is without a doubt one of the highest compliments anyone could receive in his field. In 2011 he earned The World Horror Convention Grand Master Award for outstanding contribution to the horror genre.

Actor Andy Milder

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Artist J.H Williams III

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J.H Williams III is comic book artist and penciller. He has worked with DC Comics where he first gained notice for his work on the short lived comic Chase, as well as Marvel from time to time. He also worked on the DC Elseworlds graphic novels, Justice Writers and The Son of Superman. He has worked with Grant Morrison on several projects including a three part Batman story(667-669). His work also appeared in Jonah Hex # 35. He is set to work with Greg Rucka on Batwoman, he can be found working as co-author as well on the second storyline of that series.

Bassist John DeServio

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You got to love people who are always willing to offer their time to simply do an interview. John DeServio is certainly one of those, proving he is not only one of the hardest working men in the music industry today with his work in Black Label Society as bassist(he also co-produced the latest BLS album Order of the Black), and in his own band Cycle of Pain, but that  he is also one of the nicest people in the business. With BLS hitting  the US with their latest tour I recently caught up with him on what their fans can look forward to in the months to come as well as the latest on Cycle of Pain.

Director/Producer Tony Green

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Tony Green has long worked in the film industry, but before all that he was also a songwriter/producer/arranger/musician. Over the last decade he has worked in Montreal directing and producing music videos for the masses. He wrote, produced, and directed the coming of age feature film South Of The Moon, which won best score at the Tiburon Film Festival. Most recently he produced Danyka’s track Come To Me,  as well as writing and directing the music video of the same name, which features a rather dark vampire sequence.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Author Kathe Koja

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A writer from a very young age Kathe Koja has been delighting readers since her novel The Cipher (released in 1991) won the Bram Stoker Award and the Locus Award. Her work Strange Angels also gained her a Deathrealm Award. Most recently she offered up Under The Poppy, a historical novel with a bawdy flare that features an orphaned brother and sister, a childhood friend and a Victorian Brothel. The story was brought to life on stage by the Detroit Opera House in 2011. A native to Detroit herself, Koja still resides there with her husband painter/photographer Rick Lieder.

Bad Suns

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Reader’s of the site might recognize the band Bad Suns as Blackout 101.The band comprised of Chris Bowman on vocals and guitar, Skylar Leon on guitar, Gavin Bennett on bass and vocals, and Miles Kottak on drums is without a doubt one of the most determined and hard working young bands out there. It is admirable to see people at such a young age, put all they’ve got into doing what they love. With a drive to never stop bringing the music the way it ought to be, I had to sit down with Chris to catch up on how things are going since the name change and where they would like to see it all go next.

Sean Kanan

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Sean Kanan is an actor that has proven he can play many very different roles. Kanan produced/starred in the horror film, Hack and the independently released thriller, Jack Rio. He can also be found on The Young and The Restless, and was cast in The Karate Kid III by Oscar winning director, David Avildsen. The Italian speaking actor has had roles in Sons of Italy and on Italy’s, Dancing With The Stars.Last year he worked on the film Abracadabra (Julie Pacino), which screened at Cannes Film Festival. He currently is working on lead roles in My Trip To The Dark Side and the sequel My Trip Back To The Dark Side (Shane Stanley) which are scheduled to hit the Cannes market this year for sales  and promotion.

Producer Rick Traum

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