Director/Producer Tony Green

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Tony Green has long worked in the film industry, but before all that he was also a songwriter/producer/arranger/musician. Over the last decade he has worked in Montreal directing and producing music videos for the masses. He wrote, produced, and directed the coming of age feature film South Of The Moon, which won best score at the Tiburon Film Festival. Most recently he produced Danyka’s track Come To Me,  as well as writing and directing the music video of the same name, which features a rather dark vampire sequence.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Author Kathe Koja

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Bad Suns

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Reader’s of the site might recognize the band Bad Suns as Blackout 101.The band comprised of Chris Bowman on vocals and guitar, Skylar Leon on guitar, Gavin Bennett on bass and vocals, and Miles Kottak on drums is without a doubt one of the most determined and hard working young bands out there. It is admirable to see people at such a young age, put all they’ve got into doing what they love. With a drive to never stop bringing the music the way it ought to be, I had to sit down with Chris to catch up on how things are going since the name change and where they would like to see it all go next.

Sean Kanan

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Sean Kanan is an actor that has proven he can play many very different roles. Kanan produced/starred in the horror film, Hack and the independently released thriller, Jack Rio. He can also be found on The Young and The Restless, and was cast in The Karate Kid III by Oscar winning director, David Avildsen. The Italian speaking actor has had roles in Sons of Italy and on Italy’s, Dancing With The Stars.Last year he worked on the film Abracadabra (Julie Pacino), which screened at Cannes Film Festival. He currently is working on lead roles in My Trip To The Dark Side and the sequel My Trip Back To The Dark Side (Shane Stanley) which are scheduled to hit the Cannes market this year for sales  and promotion.

Author Joe R. Lansdale

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Joe R. Lansdale has worked tirelessly to offer his reader’s a much needed bit of escapism through tales spun only as he could do them. Without a doubt one of the best in his in field, he has continually offered solid stories over several genres. His latest novel Devil Red, featuring the crime fighting duo of Hap and Leonard now on Knopf publishing was released on March 15, 2011. He is slated to release his take on Steve Nile’s 30 Days of Night sometime in May from IDW featuring the art of Sam Keith. Joe is also looking to began filming his third movie, Christmas With The Dead sometime this year. The zombie movie features Joe as executive producer alongside director Brian James Fitzpatrick. The script showcases the writing of Keith Lansdale with Kasey Lansdale slated to make an appearance in the film as well. For more information please see I recently sat down with Joe to catch up on all his latest projects.

Producer Rick Traum

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Artist John Bolton

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The work of award winning artist John Bolton is guaranteed to intrigue, excite, and disturb you. A highly skilled and frighteningly imaginative artist, John’s classic techniques paint a realistic edge to horror and fantasy. Bolton has an innovative approach to sequential art that has seen him rise to the very top of the current crop of artists working in comics. He digs deep into his imagination to come up with something never seen before. John has collaborated with some of the industry’s most prestigious comic writers such as Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Chris Claremont, Christopher Fowler, Ann Nocenti, Peter Straub and Michael Easton and in the film world has worked with Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi and Jonathan Glazer.  His latest work is for the book(s) Shame by Renegade Arts ( which is due out sometime in 2011 (please see their site for the latest on that). For more information on John please visit:


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Athena is probably best known as Tommy Lee’s little sister. She is also a great drummer in her own right. She was the first female drummer to be nominated in the history of the L.A Music Awards. Athena was also the drummer for the band Kottak (formerly known as Krunk), before deciding last year to leave the band in order to expand her career. She recently joined Regal Tip Drumsticks and Rockett Drum Works with Rikki Rockett(Poison). Athena is currently working on a TV show(Ex-Wives Rock) and writing her first book. She lives to prove women know how to rock with best of them.

Cartoonist Jim Davis

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So it might not exactly fit what our readers expect to see on this site, this was an interview I could not refuse. Who among us doesn’t admire Jim Davis for his hard work and creativity? His career in illustration began in 1969 and has made him one of the most prolific cartoonists there are. As the creator of Garfield he created one of the most widely recognizable characters of modern day and that is no small feat. He also wrote or co- wrote on all of the Garfield TV Specials. Davis produced the animated series Garfield & Friends which originally aired from 1988-1995. Most recently he created the new CGI TV series The Garfield Show(of which he is also an executive producer)and works as a writer/producer for the Direct to Video CGI Garfield films. He also founded The The Professor Garfield Foundation to promote Children’s Literacy. Jim continues to produce the Garfield strip.

My Trip to the Dark Side hits Cannes and 2011 Worldfest Houston International Film Festivals

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Director Shane Stanley’s highly anticipated film, My Trip to the Dark Side has been nominated for one of the top awards at 2011 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival. The ceremony will be held on April 17th. The film is based loosely on Shane’s own experience as a writer in the Pornographic Industry. Congratulations to Stanley and everyone involved on their early success. As previously mentioned the sequel My Trip Back to the Dark Side is also currently in the works. Please stay tuned for updates and release information as it becomes available.